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Trust the Process

From Security

Officer to Front-Line Supervisor

The process of becoming more successful is more powerful than I thought. Here I am, thinking I have it all figured out. When in fact, I am only at the beginning of my journey to fulfill my destiny. I’m learning there are some things only life itself can teach me. For example, learning how to keep the faith when everything seems to be going wrong, the importance of commitment and integrity. If you say you’re going to do something then do it. Simple. To get to where I am now (not balling yet), I worked sixteen-hour shifts which included Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year ‘17. What if I told you my job was to watch surveillance cameras and search vehicles as they enter and leave UPS World Freight Facility. Oh and I forgot to add that the temperature was twelve degrees some nights with either rain, sleet or snow. I’m not sharing this with you because I want to have a pity-party. I’m sharing this with you because I used to always say I can’t see myself working outside in those conditions. Surprise! Lol never say never. Can you imagine working long hours then going to practice the next morning to perform at the top of your game? Either I’m crazy or my body is used to it because I’ve been doing it for so long. I know that there’s probably research out there about professional athletes being able to produce better results due to having more rest and such but listen, when you have to “get it out the mud” per se.. You do what is necessary to get where you are trying to go. No excuses. I may complain from time to time, which isn’t good either but I will not make excuses. I used to joke and say, I didn’t choose this life, it chose me lol (referring to the track life).

At times I get overwhelmed. Yes, Alexis Love, the athlete, author, motivational speaker and mentor, gets overwhelmed. Get this, it is okay to not be okay all the time. Even superheroes need help now and then. I used to look at rest as a negative thing but hey, even Jesus went up to the mountain top to have time alone. He must have known how important it was to get away from it all and rest. He definitely made me lie down in green pastures. I got to the point where I did not physically have the strength to get up and do a motivational speech or speak an encouraging word.

Okay back to the job. So, here I am, three months into a security job, standing in the cold air searching cars for UPS when I just so happened to check the right car. I say that because the car I searched belonged to the Division Supervisor of the World Freight Facility. Yes, you guessed it! This is the building I wanted to work in. Talk about FAVOR! That was the first door of opportunity that opened for me and what I like to call, the faith step. I went back and forth about how the new job will not work with my track schedule but it did! This is the good part. My job was to check the cars that were entering into UPS. I would sit at my desk Monday- Friday wondering what actually happened in that big building in the back (UPS). I couldn’t see past the security gate but it was definitely on my mind.

I start my new job and I make it clear that although my degree is in Criminal Justice my goal is to move up in the company. I stated that I was willing to learn, I have a good work ethic and I want to make a career of out this, if possible. Fast forward, three months in (March ’18) at UPS and I decide to take the Supervisor Test. I took the test on a Monday and found out I passed on a Friday that same week. The following Monday from the time I took the test, an interview was scheduled. Totally caught me off-guard but I was ready. Like dang, God is not playing with this one, I said to myself. So in 6 months, how does one go from being a security guard, to an office administrator, to a front-line supervisor? You tell me.

Motivation: The promotion was much needed after working so hard to get settled in a new state. It was a tremendous help to my track career being that I am a self-funded athlete. It was also a blessing because I learned to trust the process even when I could not see a way. Friends, chasing a dream is not easy but this promotion gave me the extra push I needed.

  1. I was humble enough to work the security job although I felt overqualified and was obedient (I can’t stand being cold!)

  2. I stepped out on faith. Most companies are not willing to work with your (track) schedule especially if it doesn’t relate to the job.

  3. I trust the process. None of it made sense but I controlled what I could control and let God handle the rest. He came through!

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