Be New

The old way will never measure up Isaiah 43:18-19

There is so much to share but I will keep this blog short. On May 10th, I decided to do a 40- day fast. For more reasons than I can name, it was much needed. I chose to disconnect from all social media outlets and stay away from all toxic behaviors as well as negative energy. The purpose of the fast was to allow God to strip me of anything that was not supposed to be attached to “the authentic Alexis.” I was made new during this fast. I needed clarity on my purpose. I was not fulfilled and being unhappy was an understatement. In 40 days, I gave up everything I thought I wanted in order to have everything I needed. I have never surrendered in such a way. I snatched the wig off, I removed the fake nails, I committed to no make-up for 40 days and was determined to find peace in who God created me to be. I know the Lord is leading me in a different direction and I am not at liberty to fully discuss the details just yet but I am at peace. Fasting works. So, here’s to the next level! :)

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