She Smiles Again....

For a long time, I used to question if I would ever be made whole. You know, new again. Today, I cannot say that I have it all together but listen to me when I say this: God heard my cry. I used to pray for a real smile. A smile with no make-up and a smile that was genuine. Most people wouldn’t talk about this part of their journey but I have surrendered to the will of God. I have been silent about my struggles but I can no longer do that. I was in some tough battles but I came out a winner. I have met so many people, both women and men who were able to say, “wow, Alexis, me too.” At that moment, I knew my testimony was powerful. I knew it would break generational curses. I knew it was going to set people free.

There is a time and a season for everything. There was a season when I could not see the light. There was a season when I was silent. There was a season when I felt as though my voice did not matter. Now, things have changed. The smile you are looking at today is real. I am a fighter. I have trained my spiritual muscles as if I was competing in the next Olympics. I am still running but now I am running a different race. Oh and my new teammates are my prayer warriors. I did away with the old things and behold, the new is here.

My purpose is to inspire women, teenagers and families around the world. I am speaking from love and love only. My season of speaking with authority is NOW. It is this fire inside that I cannot explain. My pain had a purpose. This is it. Here is to the women and men around the world who have smiled on the outside and cried on the inside. It is time to come out of that dark place. You are a light. They say only the strong survive. Well, I'm here to do more than survive. I’m here to thrive...rise and keep on winning. The race continues. Will you join me? #metoo

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