The story of “Greater than the Gold” or “Already a Winner” was introduced when a dear friend of mine texted me at 11:22pm on April 17, 2019. It read “When I say you are my Love Bug, I mean that. A lot of times, on the phone or in person, I can feel your energy. I will be honest and say I don’t know what all you are facing or all of what you are feeling. But I do know that you are almost THERE. That is the reason these little “tricks” keep popping up in your path. I honestly talk to GOD about you and all that remains in my spirit is this: you WILL WIN. In life in general. When I listen to your story, listen to your pain and read your book, all I see is a warrior. One who is waaaaaay stronger than a soldier. Once broken, now better. Once hurting, now healing. Once bitter, now loving. Once confused, now reassured. Once crying through the pain, now smiling though the pain. A woman who could have given up a long time ago but chose to keep going because quitting is not in you. Wherever life is taking you, I see a WINNER in you. Honestly, after reading your book and bonding with you, the moment I saw the winner in you is when that little girl put her life in that diary and on the track. Keep running Alexis! Run as fast as you can and keep GOD as your head coach and you will win the Gold in life. STAY FOCUSED Love Bug!!! You got this through God.” To my dear friend Crystal Robinson, thank you for being a light on my darkest days. Meeting you was apart of the plan, I’m sure. You have helped me so much and encouraged me on days I felt as though I could not move forward. You gave me the push that I needed to start this next book.

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