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Updated: Sep 19, 2017

September 19, 2017

Here I am, sitting at Starbucks trying to figure out what to blog about. So I said hey, why not talk about the journey, my journey to be exact. Up until a few months ago I was so focused on the destination that I forgot to enjoy the journey. How could I forget about my experiences, good and bad, the ones that made me who I am today. I am super excited about what is taking place in my life at this moment!! Blessings on top of blessings! After the 2016 Olympic Trials, I remember feeling discouraged about not making the USA Team. I felt like everything I had done up until that point was a waste of time (not true at all). 1 Corinthians 15:58 “Always give yourselves fully to the Lord, because you know that your labor was in the Lord is not in vain." From the experience of running at the trials, I learned that it is not about how many times you win but it is about how many times you get back up after facing adversity; determined to finish the race. I refer to track and field a lot but in life we also have battles that we have lost and won. What makes it easier is not fighting those battles on our own. I felt convicted for knowing and believing the word but not acting on it. “Faith without works is dead” James 2: 17. However, I do believe everything happens for a reason and that life is a test. So I made up in my mind that I would no longer be defeated from this point on. Not running in the Olympics last year gave me that burning desire, that spark I needed. It forced me to wake up every morning to work on a book I was putting off for many years. And get this, you will never have enough resources, people, help or funds but you have to listen to that small voice telling you that you can live your dream. You have to know that there is another chapter being added to your book. Your story will end in victory! A year has passed now and I have an editor for my first book, I have the launch of my new website and Fall Training is just around the corner for next season. What has changed? My mindset.“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” Proverbs 23:7

Discovering the truth about myself was the start of becoming the “new me.” The old way was obviously not working. I realized that it was time to start doing something different instead of wishing. In other words, it’s nice to say you want to be at the top but why not do it. I had to start believing with unwavering doubt. No more second guessing. I think one of the hardest things to do is to let go of old habits because habits make us comfortable. FYI being comfortable does not bring growth or success. What if someone told you that you can have everything you ever wanted in life if you would just change one thing. This is my current situation. We all know what that “one thing” is. Is it worth the cost of not fulfilling your destiny?

So here I am, humble and hungry as ever! Ready to work! Trust your journey. I honestly believe that no one else can walk in my shoes and do what was I was called to do. They say it’s lonely at the top but it’s even more lonely at the bottom. However, I am thankful for the struggle because if I had not been knocked down, I would not know what it took to get back up. Join me on this journey that we call life!

-Peace and Blessings

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