“In a way, I felt as though I was running for my life and the track was my escape. Looking back, I would not have made it this far without some sort of outlet. That “stupid journal” I kept locked away is what kept me alive.”


  • Running for My Life is a story about how a young girl who once hated her life used sports to turn her life into one she now loves. Her secret formula was faith, determination, and hard work. Her story is living proof that your end can be much better than your beginning but first you have to believe. Like most of us, her life is full of negative circumstances that were meant to throw her off course. However, few people master the techniques required to use those same situations to push them forward. Alexis did and this book is her diary, but also your guide to how you can do the same. Like this beautiful young girl, your trial can become your testimony.

Running for My Life, The Diary of Alexis Love

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